One of the fun features of this blog is the six-image narrative, a story (with or without words) told in six toy photographs. This year we had 39 six-image narratives, produced by nearly as many different photographers.

Treat yourself to a few minutes of visual pleasure by looking through the posts below. And don’t forget—you could submit a six-image narrative, too! We’re always looking for more photographers to feature (and we’re glad to have repeat contributors)!

The Good, the Mad and the Snuggly by Tomek Lasek

Inspired by Aldo Farfán

Artificial Intelligence by Kristina Alexanderson

Superman by @zekezachzoom

Home For The Holiday by Tao Liao

LEGO Big Fig Skeleton
Taking Flight by Lizzi

The witches are cooking diner
Magical Strudel by Miss__Feklista

Max’s Adventure by Zee Fowler

The Zone by Tobias M. Schiel

Training Rey: When the Multiverse Unites by Janan M. Lee

Target acquired by @mightysmallstories
Dorado’s First T-Rex by Teddi Deppner

To Infinity LEGO Spaceman Six Image Narrative by James Garcia
To Infinity… by James Garcia

Endor - patrol at dawn
Endor: a Six Image Narrative by Dimitri Nicomanis

Rob the Robber by Marco Zanconi

Blue Lies by Tobias M. Schiel

"Are YOU my droids?"
“Where’s My Droids?” by Joshua Kittleson

The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda In Six Images by Jerry Kusjanto

A pair of scales
Metaphors of Life by Miss__Feklista

Tunnel’s End by Tobias M. Schiel

Welcome to Wonderland
Welcome to Wonderland by Tommaso Baron

What Do Superheros Do On Their Days Off? by James Gibbs

The wizard with a book at school
The Evident Is Incredible by Miss__Feklista

Cats Meow by Krash Override

Space by @zekezachzoom

Quorra by Lukasz Wiecek

Wall-E Finding Eve by Jerry Kusjanto

Parenthood by Dennis Carvajal

The Magical World Inside Newt’s Case by Miss__Feklista

Revenge by Marco Zanconi

A Backyard Summer Party with Some Friends by James Gibbs

The Rescue by Molly Selan

Mad Scientist’s Notes by Miss__Feklista

LEGO Cindy Sherman by Beverley Thomas

Appearances by Marco Zanconi

Treehouse Transfer by Teddi Deppner

Call of Dooty by Zee Fowler

Tintin Travels Belgium by Tobias M. Schiel

Losing Control by kalexanderson

Broomsticks, Hats, Spiders and Bats… by @by_a.n.n.a

Using the Force of Photoshop with Yoda by Matt McDonald