Mad Scientist’s Notes

“My name is Dr. Curtis Connors. And yes, I’m left-handed. But I’m not a cripple, I’m a scientist, the world’s foremost authority on Herpetology, that’s Reptiles for those who don’t know. I want to fix myself, create a World Without Weakness!”

The scientist in his room

“What you see here is a computer model of a lizard. Many of these wonderful creatures brilliantly adapted and can regenerate their limbs. You can imagine my envy. With the use of lizard DNA we are trying to transfer this capability into our three legged mouse.”

The scientist's genetic experiment

“It’s a great day! Cross-Species Genetics is finally working. Did you know, there’s a rumor of a new species in New York. Beautiful and quite large. It’s not yet classified but it can be aggressive, if threatened…”

The scientist in his office with a lab mouse

“Subject: Dr. Curtis Connors. The experiment shows the enhancement in muscle response, strength, elasticity. Eyesight similarly improved. This is no longer about curing ills, this is about finding perfection! We have to adapt to survive.”

The scientist's camera

Would you give it all up?! After all you know you can do?! All the power you feel?!

The scientist turned into a Lizard

“I tried to create a stronger human being, but it’s impossible. Human beings are weak creatures. Why be human at all, when we can be so much more? Faster, stronger, smarter.”

“And this is my gift to you…”

The Lizard on the tower

Ann @Miss Feklista


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