The Evident Is Incredible

Do you know why the wizards hide their abilities? They’re sure that the non-magical people don’t understand what they see. Listen to my story as a perfect proof of what I say.

Being of Japanese origin, I studied in British school full of ancient magical traditions. This place is so rich in secrets, even if many of them are revealed by a trick…

The wizard with a book at school

I didn’t want to stay in Great Britain because its calm was contrary to my spirit of adventure. So magic, travels and mysteries were united in my new profession: treasure-hunter! I visited the old castles and broke dangerous spells that the wizards had used to lock their personal museums. Don’t get me wrong, I brought this gold to the bank…

The wizard in a snowy village

Our team consisted of very different persons. Interesting persons. We were enjoying the fact that the non-magical society didn’t know about all these secret places. It seems that we forgot some rules of our profession (especially extreme care) and decided to travel in style. And we chose a sailing ship. This idea still makes me laugh.

The sailing ship

We saw them soon… The simple fishermen looked at our faces and huge cases with gold. These guys called us “pirates” and we didn’t have alternative. Our team had to use magical wands. Fear made the non-wizards attack. They took these metal pipes… are they called ‘signal pistols’?

The fishermen are fighting the 'pirates'

The fire started aboard. I didn’t have time to save all our cases – that’s a pity! – but we all disappeared from the ship by magic. The news about the ‘sea mirage’ ran like lightning, that’s why I left the city and said goodbye to my brilliant work.

Fire on board ship

They say I’m a dark wizard. I don’t think so. Anyway, they will be forced to know us better. One day they will see that all incredible is evident. And this day is coming…

The wizard's spell

Thanks for your attention! This time I wrote my own story and photographed it, using the light painting for magical spells, and studied the ship construction. 😉

Ann @Miss_Feklista



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