Artificial Intelligence

The first steps
a new world
the end
Kristina Alexandersons six image narrative (click on the image for a larger view)

Artificial intelligence

~ a six image narrative by Kristina Alexanderson


  1. Janan

    That “Play” shot really captured my attention and I’m wondering what’s going through Mr. AI’s thoughts while looking at that scene. Lovely creamy smooth bokeh throughout which is so dreamy and outerwordly.

    • Kristina

      Thank you Astrid. I believe that the series should be seen in a row like in the last picture, small and bigger … but I couldn’t get that to work on the blog. I do appreciate that you liked it.

  2. brett_wilson

    There is so much to love about this tale. It’s gorgeous Kristina. I adore the contrast between the grey and the warmth, especially the way the warm tones play with the greys in the first photo. Just gorgeous!

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