Snoopy is headed to the moon! On August 29, 2022, NASA’s Artemis I mission will launch an Orion spacecraft atop an SLS (Space Launch System) rocket from launchpad 39B at Kennedy Space Center. And Snoopy gets to ride along on this historic spaceflight as the zero gravity indicator.

At the launchpad.
Sally helps Snoopy into his helmet.

The Mission

During this historic mission, the Orion spacecraft will spend 4 to 6 weeks in space orbiting the moon. The Artemis I mission is the first step towards returning Americans to the moon for research and further exploration.  

Marcie and Linus in the Command Center.

Snoopy and NASA

Snoopy is no stranger to NASA and space travel. The 1969 Apollo 10 crew nicknamed their lunar module “Snoopy” and their command module “Charlie Brown.”  Snoopy went into space on Columbia STS-32 in 1990.

A hug for Woodstock before the mission. Hopefully Woodstock will get to go another time.
Charlie Brown gives the crew a “go” for the final countdown.

Since 1968, Snoopy has served as NASA’s safety mascot for its manned flight programs. He even has a prestigious NASA award named after him. The “Silver Snoopy Award” honors NASA employees and contractors for achievements related to mission success and human flight safety.  Every award pin has flown into space and is awarded personally by an astronaut.

Lucy and Franklin do some final safety checks on the SLS rocket.

Want more?

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Snoopy and the gang pose for a team photo.

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Go, Snoopy go! Safe travels!

We have lift-off!