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This week James and Kristina photograph summer, explore what the season means to them, and discuss a bit of color theory!

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Between a Brick and a Hard Place

Since starting on this toy photography path, I have been collecting and shooting articulated action figures. If you listened to my interview on the Toy Photographers podcast, I mentioned how I loved having a physical toy that reminds me of my youth. And although I didn’t say it in the …

The Rescue

The Rescue A six image narrative by Molly Selan Do you have an idea for a six image narrative you would like to see published on the blog? If so, check out our submission guidelines. We’re waiting to hear from you!

One World, Two Storytellers

July brought a real diamond to the creative Toy Photographers’ community. The challenge, suggested by Joshua Kittleson, was dedicated to the emotional reactions between two subjects/persons united with one story. Enjoying this interesting event, I prepared some images based on this rich concept in order to share my creative joy …

Two Shot Challenge – the winners

Recently Joshua Kittleson challenged our MeWe group to explore the classic cinematic two shot. Today I want to show you the winners of our successful MeWe Two Shot Challenge. I’ve hosted many a challenge over the years and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. The Two Shot Challenge was …

Let’s Build Space

Those who see my work often ask me, “What inspired you to build with LEGO and take pictures of your creations?” Initially, my answer has been, “I’m a life-long builder and I have a background with photography so I thought I’d give it a try.”  My name is Jonathan Duggins. …

Why? by Konstantin

Hello, I’m Konstantin. For me, LEGO photography is not a hobby, it’s without exaggeration an integral part of my life. It all started in 2014, when I got the first smartphone with a good camera. At that time, I had no idea what photography was all about. I just liked …

BMW And The Fett

A while ago I was browsing all the options at the LEGO store, and I noticed something intriguing. I had an idea, and I had the strongest desire to see if I was correct. So I ordered a Technic BMW Motorcycle, and a Boba Fett buildable figure. I really didn’t …