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Crazy Bricks’ Guy Himber guest stars on the podcast to discuss his latest Kickstarter, Bricks of the Mouse Guard 2!

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The Problem with Spiders

I went camping out in the California desert last weekend. Aside from the normal camp gear I loaded out a bunch of LEGO sets and a few action figures to photograph. I set out on Saturday morning with some trucks and characters to shoot a Six-Image Narrative. As I wandered …


Dave’s Log: Toydate 20191114 I preordered a sweet new Optimus Prime action figure from ThreeA Toys today. I can’t wait until it shows up! Dave’s Log: Toydate 2020128 Good News! My new Optimus Prime action figure arrived at my studio today! I don’t have time to play with him right …

Podcast 79 – The Color Red

What comes to mind when you think of the color red? Like all colors, red symbolizes and brings to mind a plethora of emotions. For our first creative exercise of the year, Kristina and I decided to finally tackle a bit of color theory, and see how we intentionally use …

Finding New Places in the Real World

“Is this the real [world]? Is this just fantasy?” Okay, that’s now how the lyrics go, but with the January MeWe #tp_realworld2020 photo challenge fresh on our minds, this Six-Image Narrative from @eat_my_bricks got us thinking about the joys of making magic out of the “real world.” For a few …