Happy Holidays!

From our family to yours: Happy Holidays! No matter what holiday you celebrate, the entire Toy Photographers team wishes you well!

“Family Christmas Party” by Joseph Cowlishaw
 “The most wonderful time of the year” by Marco Zanconi

A little back story

In August, The LEGO Group sent out a brief soliciting an image to be used for their holiday card. Members of Toy Photographers, BrickCentral and StuckinPlastic were all asked to participate.

The image we’re looking for is a nostalgic, classic, charming winter Christmas scene where a LEGO Minifigure family has gathered to enjoy some quality time together. Perhaps they’re in front of a cosy fire building a Christmas themed LEGO set, or decorating the room with Christmas decorations. Or maybe they’re outside in the snow on a sledge or cutting down the family Christmas tree.

LEGO brief

With only five days to meet the deadline, needless to say not many people were able to participate. Both Joe and Marco rose to the occasion. We’re so pleased that Joe’s image was chosen by The LEGO Group! His image graced the holiday card sent to their employees worldwide. Congratulations, Joe!

From LEGO directly

We don’t often get feedback from LEGO directly on the images we submit to them. So when I saw the following quote from Scott Neillands, Associate Creative Director at the LEGO Agency, I knew I wanted to share it with you.

“We were looking for inspiration for this year’s LEGO Christmas card and discovered all the great Christmas-themed images that were already being created by the Toy Photography community. It just made so much sense to tap into what they were doing and use one of the great images for our Christmas card. I’m sure it won’t be the last time we’ll be working together with them.”

I’m so proud of Joe and Marco and all of our community members. We create some damn fine photographs of toys, and it’s nice to have that work recognized by The LEGO Group directly. Now that’s a holiday gift!

Happy Holidays and leg godt!

~ Shelly


    • Merry Christmas Doug! I hope you and the family had an awesome day filled with love and play.

      Im super happy we can offer these opportunities to our community members. Our goal in 2020 is to coordinate with LEGO better so more photographers can participate. Its good to have goals!

  1. Merry Christmas Shelly! Thank you for this post and all you do for Toy Photographers. It’s nice to know a bit of back story on how many folks were approached by Lego. I’m glad I took the plunge with such a short turn around. I’m also glad to see Marcos image he created – I think I like his better than my own!

    Anyhow, Christmas 2019 has been a special one and I’m looking forward to the new year!

    • Merry Christmas Joe! Im so happy for you and your bounty of goodness received from LEGO in exchange for the image. Im sure it added to the holiday spirit. So good on you for taking that leap of fait..it paid off!

      Here’s hoping we can engage more photographers in 2020; it would be lovely if more people had a chance to participate. If only to give LEGO more choices! Thanks for making us look good!

  2. Amazing photos Marco and Joe. I’m in awe of the wonderful scenes that you both were able to create in such a short time frame. I think it would have taken me 5 months to come up with a scene like that, let alone 5 days 🙂 Congratulations!


  3. Thanks everyone for the support! I must admit it was super-challenging to made the build and take the pic in so few days. I also learned a lot of new tricks but after this one i stopped to take pictures for a month, i felt in burnout 😀
    I’m glad a member of this community has won, i hope in the future LEGO will give us more time so many others can take a shot at it!

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