With nearly 2000 posts here on the Blog, it can be daunting to know where to start. I thought I would put together a list of my favorite posts. Posts that I often reference in my workshop. These are posts that I feel have excellent information relevant to toy photographers. These include: how to pose toys, traveling with toys and of course basic photography techniques.

I hope these links will give you a taste of what’s available on the Toy Photographers Blog. I’m sure they will support you on your own journey of self discovery as you explore the fun world of toy photography.

Photography tips

Reflectors and how to use them with toys

Lightshow – four lighting sources, part 1 and Part 2

Low key toy photography

High key toy photography

From Low Key toy photography by Chellie Hyre

Advanced photo techniques

Forced perspective toy photography

Using depth of field to tell different toy photo stories

Photographing physical sets with digital backdrops

Create natural posing for your toy photography

In the cabinet of Dutch angles: LEGO on tilt

From In the Cabinet of Dutch Angles by Tomek Lasek

For your consideration…

How to add motion to your toy photography

How to make your toys ‘fly’

Photographing toys in water

How to make a moon diorama

Light painting and shooting stars

From How to make your toys ‘fly’ – group post (image by Zeke Zack Zoom

Traveling with toys

Have LEGO will travel: how to pack for LEGO toy photography trips

Location, location, location: there’s always a spot to shoot toys

Toys on vacation

Toy photography yoga

From Toy Photography Yoga – image by Krash_Override

In conclusion

If you’re not completely overwhelmed by my list of favorite posts check out these two lists I created for my workshop attendees: Photographing toys outdoors and Tools to have on hand while photographing toys indoors. It’s 12 years of experience condensed down to a mostly complete list of what you will need. Of course every photographer as their own customizations which is why I invite you to explore the “why?” and “Feature Friday” series. Posts tagged with either Why or Feature Friday are interviews with photographers at all levels. They will give you even more insight into the hobby. Take what you need and leave the rest.

Everyone here at Toy Photographers (past and present) wish you all the best on your toy photography journey. If you have specific questions about my favorite posts or anything else you find on The Blog, feel free to reach out at mail@toyphotographers.com.