In Part 1, we looked at an overview of Four Lighting Sources applied to the same subject. We also looked at a simple application of common modifiers.

four lighting sources example images

Compare & contrast

Have a closer look at the nature of light and shadow qualities for these examples above. Open a much larger version here.

For your viewing, here are a few photos taken with these lighting systems and a matching behind the scenes shot for each.

LED panel example: Subject lit with an overhead 6″ x 4″ LED panel with a warming gel. The background is a computer monitor with the brightness turned way down and an image I shot out in the Utah Badlands.

Lume Cube example: Subject lit with two Lume Cubes, one with a snoot and the other with barn doors. Glass surface and an upside-down painting for the sky.

Just Plug example: Multiple light sources throughout the scene. Overhead flood lights for environment and the bottles on left, pin lights for the table lamps.

More reading

Check out Teddi’s lighting woes and tips here, read up on James’ budget-friendly light diffuser solution here, and Kenton’s no-budget (but phone required) entry here.

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Thanks for playing and stay tuned for more.