Metaphors of Life


A pair of scales
Snowy view and a dark cloud
Japanese woman with a tiny composition
A boy with a lamp near a cave
Godzilla and a bridge
Light in a skull

Thanks for your attention!

Ann @Miss_Feklista


  1. brett_wilson

    These are wonderful Ann. I’ve scrolled up and down so many times trying to pick my favourite… but I can’t pick one. Although I do especially love the message in the “love” image.

  2. Janan

    A beautiful series Ann. I always enjoy your blog post images. This one is no exception with the thoughtful creations and varied setups. I like the “Love” one especially.

    • Thank you very much for your warm words, dear Janan! Your kind comment brings joy to me: I’m very glad you enjoy the images. 🙂 Thanks for choosing your favorite picture! It was interesting to create this metaphor. 🙂

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