The Magical World Inside Newt’s Case

Newt and the Thunderbird

The Thunderbird is most commonly found in Arizona. It creates storms with its powerful wings and can sense danger.

Newt and the Bowtruckles on the tree

Bowtruckles  look like branches of trees (their natural habitat). The wood of these trees is used to make magic wands.

Newt and Jacob with Occamy

The Occamy  is a creature with a serpentine body and wings that can grow and shrink in order to fit any space. Its eggs are made of silver.

The Demiguise in the tree house

The Demiguise can become invisible and see the future. Its hair is used to create invisibility cloaks.

Jacob is feeding the Mooncalves

The Mooncalf  is a shy beast that only can be seen during the full moon. They dance, leaving strange geometrical patterns on the ground that look like aliens’ steps in Muggles’ (non-magical people) eyes.

The Niffler in its house with gold

The Niffler  is a perfect treasure-hunter: It loves shiny things, so it’s inadvisable to keep one as a house pet…

I sculpted all the creatures and built their houses for Newt’s case.

Thanks for your attention!

Ann @Miss Feklista


  1. ang cheng ann

    I scroll through and read the captions and then my mouth opened as I looked closer at the creatures. I had thought they were toys you could buy and then I realized you made them! They are so well sculpted! Beautiful! I especially love that Demiguise!

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