Magical Strudel

The witches are cooking diner


The witch is setting the table


The witch with flying food
You prefer pie or strudel?


The witch is cooking the strudel
Strudel it is!


The strudel is forming in the air


The strudel is ready

I ‘cooked’ my Six Image Narrative on the base of the movie “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”. Thank you for your attention!

Ann @Miss_Feklista




  1. I love this series of photos Ann! It’s one of my favorite scenes in that movie. I like the way you’ve posed Queenie and I love all the flying food – especially the strudel 🙂 The glowing fireplace is a wonderful touch too 🙂


  2. I love this Ann! So detailed and well-thought out! I love all the custom handmade props. You are a master! That strudel!

    I’m a little jealous because I had the idea to LEGO-ize this exact movie scene, just haven’t had time to execute it. And it definitely wouldn’t have been as awesome or involved as yours! But I’m in love with these characters and hope to photograph them soon too!

    This is one of my favorite Six Image Narratives! Well done!

    • I’m very glad you liked my story, Leila! Thank you very much for your kind comment!

      It’s so interesting to see how you will recreate this wonderful movie scene – I’m sure this LEGO story will look perfect, can’t wait to see it ! Thanks again! 🙂

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