Endor - patrol at dawn

Tony and Kenneth, two of the Empire’s finest Scout Troopers…maybe

Endor - speederbike

It was this exact moment Kenneth really wished he paid attention in Speeder Bike 101.

Endor: being watched darker version

‘Hey Tony, you ever get the feeling we’re being watched?’

Endor: wicket

Yub Nub

Endor: hands up

(translated from Ewokese) This one’s helmet will make a brilliant drum.

Endor: another day at the office

Just another day in the office.

I’ve been a fan of Star Wars and LEGO for as long as I can remember, I won’t go into exact numbers but we’re talking decades! For the last three years I’ve been shooting LEGO recreations of iconic scenes from the saga and my usual style is to build every element within a shot out of LEGO.

For this Six Image Narrative I wanted to push myself and step away from my usual style. Not only was I going to use real plants and foliage to create a more lifelike look but I wanted to come up with my own original stories and so the tale of Tony and Kenneth was born.

Dimitri @legodimnico