It’s the middle of summer, so what better way to soak up the fun?

In this six image narrative, Silk AKA @storymytoy has a “fun in the sun” party with her plastic family. Silk has become pretty skillful at creating custom props and dioramas, one of the many reasons she loves taking pictures of toys.

“Wherever I go, I always have a plastic friend coming with me. Who knows what my imagination will make me do? One thing is for sure, I will have a fun time. I can say that toy photography keeps my heart young.”

The swimming pool was made from this lampshade I found in a second hand store. I cut metal arms, which I glued closer to each other on the larger part, then painted the inside and glued on a vinyl piece so I could add water inside. Then I put fun-tak on cardboard and covered the outside of the pool with it. I finished the pool by adding a piece of wood to make a deck, and some white rocks to give the whole pool area a finished look.
The orange and white hula hoops are plastic bracelets.
A straw for the limbo pole.
The wood logs were small tree branches that I cut and glued together so they don’t fall apart.
Same for the logs that hold up the black iron pot. 
The corn on the cobs were cut from a styrofoam paint brush.
This bar is a small well I bought in a second hand store. I covered it with bits of a straw summer hat I had.
All the bathing suits were made with balloons.

It’s always fascinating to see what people can conjure up in their imagination to make a story. Balloons for summer trunks and bikinis, now that’s impressive.

What are some of the strangest/creative things you have used for a prop in a photo? Leave us a comment down below. 🙂