Faster than a speeding bullet…
More powerful than a locomotive…
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…
Look, up in the sky!
It’s a bird…
It’s a plane…
It’s Superman!


~ A six image narrative by Ang Cheng Ann (@zekezachzoom)

Inspired by the opening sequence of the 1950’s black and white television series.


  1. Hi ! I’m kinda a newbie in Toy Photography. Honestly, I’m a little lost regarding what lens to use. I mean, do i need to use macro lens?

    I love using lego minifigure for the subject. But sometimes i used bigger scale like the Star Wars Black Series.

    For the superman shot, what lens did you use? 24-105mm? or a macro lens 100mm? or…mmm….haha

    • Hi Hasif,
      I am using a kit lens 18-135 for this series of photos. I tend to zoom in really close with this lens that I have. Though recently, I have gotten a 50mm prime lens to play around with. Have not invested in a macro lens yet, but got some tube extensions to play around. I hope that helps

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