Target acquired by @mightysmallstories

Target acquired.

Leap of faith by @mightysmallstories

A leap of faith.

Hold on tight by @mightysmallstories

Hold on tight!

Finally giving in by @mightysmallstories

He’s finally giving in.

The battle of wills by @mightysmallstories

The battle of wills.

Bonding time by @mightysmallstories

Bonding time.

Dorado’s First T-Rex

Now you know the story of how Dorado, the golden-headed custom LEGO created by @krash_override, tamed his first Tyrannosaurus Rex. This isn’t the only dinosaur Dorado has tamed, so if you want to see more of his adventures you can find him at @mightysmallstories on Instagram.