Training Rey: When the Multiverse Unites.


Training Rey: When the Multiverse Unites

~ A Six Image Narrative by Janan Lee


    • Janan

      Thanks Teddi! The idea behind this came from the classic quote about how it β€œtakes a village to bring up a child.” I thought why not apply that to Rey, especially since Master Luke is now β€œgone.” I wanted to keep the look simple to focus on the subjects so thanks for picking up on that. 😊

  1. great photos. i would love to see a follow-up series where the women of marvel offered their skills to rey as well. what would okoye, black widow, gamora, captain marvel, scarlet witch and nebula have to share?

    • Janan

      Thanks Adam and yes, good point as I’m a big fan of the amazing women of Marvel (how epic was the latest Captain Marvel?) Certainly a series for myself or others to revisit in future.

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