Treehouse owners stand on the balcony and look out over the forest.
“Honey, can we talk? Our treehouse life has been wonderful, but I think it’s time to move on.”
The original LEGO Ideas treehouse family stands next to a For Sale sign.
“Somewhere out there, someone is yearning for the treehouse life. Let’s find them.”
Vernly the faun (also a forest real estate  agent) introduces the treehouse family to a prospective buyer.
“Hello. Vernly says you can tell me about the treehouse lifestyle. I want to know more.”
The prospective buyer views the forest from the treehouse balcony while Vernly and the current owners of the treehouse look on.
“Wow. The world is so beautiful from this perspective.”
The prospective buyer tells Vernly and the current owners how excited she is about owning the treehouse.
“You were right, Vernly! The treehouse life is the life for me!”
Vernly the faun (and forest real estate agent) and the new owners stand next to the Sold sign while the original owners stand in the background.
And so the treehouse is transferred to its new owner.
The new owner happily plays her piano at the base of the treehouse.
The new owner moves in, and brings her piano. (Looks like it needs some dusting!)
The forest stirs as music flows from her fingers and fills the spaces between the trees.

The story behind the story

The LEGO Ideas Treehouse set is full of fabulous angles and opportunities for toy photography. At first, I wanted to take photos of the set exactly as it came from LEGO, to display its appeal without changing much of its original design.

But this is a LEGO set, folks! LEGO is all about play and customization, and I quickly began to imagine all the ways I wanted to move things around, all the scenes with different minifigures I wanted to photograph, all the experiments in customization I wanted to attempt (as mentioned in my review of the set as a toy photography setting). The set is so beautiful and complete as originally designed that I was reluctant to just change it without some ceremony.

This six image narrative is my way of honoring the original set and giving myself permission to change everything. Ownership has changed from the family that comes with the set to my “sig fig” (signature minifigure), my little “mini me” in LEGO form.

From here, who knows what will happen! (I suspect my sig fig will soon invite her friend Akchu to bring a few other musicians for a jam session…)