We announced a unique series on our blog back in May 2017 called The Six Image Narrative. Since then we have featured about one hundred narratives from scores of different photographers in the toy photographer community. Have you ever considered submitting a six image narrative of your own? You should!

As described in that initial post, a six image narrative is a cohesive story told in just six images. Shelly wrote,

The idea behind this new series is to create a six image narrative that somehow tells a greater, more complete story than one image can. Your story can be linear story, it can be a thematic story, it can be a story held together by technique. Whatever method you use, by combing six images, you’re able to tell a new story.  The hope is that you create a story that has a greater impact than only one single photo can have.

Anybody who reads our blog and does toy photography is welcome to submit a six image narrative of their own for consideration. But first, the six image narrative guidelines!

The Guidelines

If you would like to participate in the Six Image Narrative, please follow these guidelines:

  • Six images in the narrative itself, no more and no less.
  • There needs to be a clear connection between the images. (Style, content, story, etc.)
  • The sum of the group should be greater than the individual images.
  • Bonus points for allegory.
  • Quality images! We want to see your best work.
  • You may include one to two paragraphs of explanation or supporting text such as: narrative, description, quotes, poem, etc.
  • This is a toy photography blog, so don’t forget the toys!
  • The work must be your own.

Exceptions have been made for almost any of these guidelines, but this should give you something to work with! For ideas, you can browse samples of our Six Image Narratives.

How To Submit Your Work

We are always looking for excellent six image narratives to feature! Once you’ve created your six image narrative head over to our Google Form to enter your information and upload your images. We will review your submission and let you know if we decide to use it!

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