BMW And The Fett

A while ago I was browsing all the options at the LEGO store, and I noticed something intriguing. I had an idea, and I had the strongest desire to see if I was correct. So I ordered a Technic BMW Motorcycle, and a Boba Fett buildable figure. I really didn’t …

Shooting Starships

One of my favorite things about Star Wars is the plethora of awesome starship designs. From intimidating behemoths to fast hunks of junk, starships are an integral part of the Star Wars universe. So it should come as no surprise that they’re also a popular subject for toy photography.

The JJ Abrams Effect

As a photographer I’ve always been seeking a kind of cinematic style that’s hard to describe. I just want my photos to have that “movie look” to them. Over the years I’ve come close but never felt like I really figured out the formula. Until now.

Toy Photography Jazz

Earlier this month, Shelly wrote about singing the toy photography blues as she steps out of her comfort zone. I truly feel fo her when it comes to leaving photography sessions with more frustration than photos. Yet I couldn’t help but notice that despite having a few similar things on …