Star Wars fans lost another beloved legend when original Boba Fett actor Jeremy Bulloch died on Thursday, December 17 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. He was 75. According to CNN, Bulloch’s agent said he died peacefully in the hospital, surrounded by his family. He left behind a wife, three sons, 10 grandchildren and legions of fans who love his character—many of whom enjoyed the privilege of meeting Bulloch at numerous conventions and events over the past four decades, before he stopped attending in August 2018.

Shortly after his death was announced, toy photographers went about expressing our grief and admiration for the actor by posting images, both new and old, on Instagram. Of course Boba Fett has long been a favorite character to put in front of our collective lenses in his many, many action figure and toy forms, and he’s no stranger to our feeds.

Below we’ve collected a handful of these photos, which clearly demonstrate Bulloch’s wide representation in plastic and his appeal to fans the world over. He will be remembered fondly by all of us.

Classic Kenner Boba Fett, Photo: Ian Skeans, @gofigurephoto

Ian Skeans – Indiana

Science fiction has never been a stranger to helmeted, armor-clad characters, but somehow the introduction of Boba Fett just felt instantly timeless. I can’t deny that he contributed very little onscreen in the original Star Wars films, but he didn’t have to.

Bandai Boba Fett 1:12 model, Photo: @gofigurephoto

The design told you he’d already lived through some amazing adventures and Bulloch’s calm, confident portrayal affirmed that Boba had nothing to prove to anyone. 

1/6 scale Hot Toys Boba Fett, Photo: Joe Milone, @jcmilone

Joe Milone – Clearwater, FL

Much like Darth Vader actor David Prowse, who we lost on November 28, Jeremy Bulloch was responsible for making Boba Fett look cool through his physical portrayal of the character, which apparently was based on Clint Eastwood’s the Man With No Name. This photo features the Hot Toys “Kenner colored” Boba Fett figure and was shot under the natural Florida sunlight, enhanced with Atmosphere Aerosol.

Hot Toys Boba Fett draws down on a stormtrooper, Photo: Matt Rohde, @x_captain_kaos_x

Matt Rohde – Shelter Island, NY

Jeremy Bulloch was quoted in Star Wars Insider #49 (May/June 2000) as saying, “I thought of Boba Fett as Clint Eastwood in a suit of armor.” I can’t think of a better description.

Mr. Bulloch was the man who set the tone and demeanor for the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. The Mandalorian has shed new light on the fate of Boba Fett after his ungainly, would-be demise in the Sarlacc pit, and I can only hope Mr. Bulloch was able to enjoy his character’s return to the Star Wars galaxy as much as the fans did.

Hot Toys Boba Fett strikes a pose, Photo: Matt Rohde, @x_captain_kaos_x

If you go to you can read the many descriptions of fans encounters with Mr. Bulloch. He’s described over and over as a gentleman and a person that truly cared about his fans—a recurring theme that’s said about many of the original trilogy actors.

Safe travels and May The Force be with you, Mr. Bulloch. You’re in good company.

Disney Infinity Boba Fett figurine, Photo: Alan Rappaport, @alanrappa

Alan Rappaport – Lincoln Park, NJ

Despite his minimal screen time and dialog in the original trilogy, Boba Fett was everything to me as a kid. My Kenner toy became the leader of the Rebel Alliance, and was victorious in numerous battles against the empire. I recall one year proudly donning a homemade Boba Fett costume with a painted, 2-liter soda bottle sewn to the back as a jetpack (thanks Mom). I never had the fortune to meet Mr Bulloch, and express my admiration for the character he brought to life. He will always have my respect for being the original, Boba Fett, and I wish him godspeed on his next adventure.

Nendoroid Boba Fett, Photo: Alan Rappaport, @alanrappa
Star Wars the Black Series Boba Fett, Photo: Chris Lynch, @chezpics66

Chris Lynch – Boston (and Brewster), MA

When I think back to being a kid, the Star Wars bounty hunters always fascinated me the most. Getting their figures got me the most excited and Boba was at the top of that list. The 12-inch figure, where you could look through the viewfinder, was a favorite of mine.

3.75-inch Boba Fett, Photo: Chris Lynch, @chezpics66

Just the swagger he had onscreen was so awesome. He just oozed cool and mysterious. We have Jeremy Bulloch to thank for that original portrayal. RIP, sir.

LEGO Boba Fett at Mos Eisley Cantina, Photo: Oliver Peterson, @oliversees

Oliver Peterson – Center Moriches, NY

Like everyone else here, I was immediately captivated by Boba Fett’s unique look and cold, cool demeanor in The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983). The new generation will know him from The Mandalorian, as played by clone actor Temuera Morrison—who’s fantastic in the role—but we can never forget Jeremy Bulloch’s contribution as the original king of all bounty hunters. I was so sorry to hear of his death, especially so soon after we lost David Prowse.

Jeremy Bulloch / Boba Fett action figure tribute
Jeremy Bulloch, unmasked Star Wars the Vintage Collection Boba Fett on Slave I, Photo: Oliver Peterson, @oliversees

Once I heard, I immediately went to work shooting some photos. While it’s not the best version of the character in my collection, I wanted to use the 3.75-inch, 2019 Star Wars the Vintage Collection (SWTVC) reissue of Boba Fett with removable helmet since this would be the most specific representation of Bulloch—the man behind the iconic mask. He’s pictured above in his beloved ship, Slave I, which just made its grand return in The Mandalorian Season 2.

Photo: Oliver Peterson, @oliversees

I also happened to be working feverishly to complete the massive LEGO Mos Eisley Cantina for a review before year’s end, and the partially finished build was sitting out on my work table. I don’t shoot a lot of LEGO, but I figured I’d try creating some images of the Boba Fett minifigure intimidating Wuher, the cantina bartender, to get information about Han Solo. What an unforgettable character! Thank you, Mr. Bulloch.

Black Series Boba Fett with his never-used-onscreen prototype armor, Photo: Joshua T. Kittleson, @thegreyklerik

Joshua T. Kittleson – Lincoln, NE

Although Boba Fett had limited screen time, he was my favourite Star Wars character. Who was this mysterious man? What did all the gadgets do? Was there anyone else who moved with such self-assurance? Looks like we might find out next year!

I really love the freedom of this all-white Proto-Fett armour, based on Star Wars visionary Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept art. Jeremy Bulloch was an underrated member of the Star Wars crew, and one of the original trilogy actors I would have loved to meet. Farewell, Mr. Bulloch.

LEGO Boba Fett brings frozen Han Solo aboard Slave I, Photo: Dave DeBaeremaeker, @therealstudiodave

Dave DeBaeremaeker – North Carolina

It is hard to act as a character whose face is never seen. It’s even harder to build an entire following and fanbase with just a few minutes of screen time and a few lines of dialogue.

Star Wars the Black Series Boba Fett at his campfire, Photo: Dave DeBaeremaeker, @therealstudiodave

Boba Fett could have easily been a forgettable character, but Jeremy Bulloch managed to bring him to life. Thanks, Jeremy, for creating a fascinating character. Job well done, sir. Rest in peace.

LEGO Boba Fett casts a familiar shadow, Photo: Dave DeBaeremaeker, @therealstudiodave

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