Some Meet-Up Winners and Found Art Found

The dust is still settling on the 2019 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meet-Up. Today we celebrate some amazing photographs captured on the day and announce the winners of the three contests. Meetup BTS photo winners We asked attendees to share their ‘behind the scenes’ photographs on the day using the #meltoyphotomeetup2019_bts …


It’s no secret that I like beer. And I like toy photography. So, when a chance meeting at my local bar led to the offer to collaborate with a craft beer reviewer and photographer, of course I jumped at the opportunity!

The JJ Abrams Effect

As a photographer I’ve always been seeking a kind of cinematic style that’s hard to describe. I just want my photos to have that “movie look” to them. Over the years I’ve come close but never felt like I really figured out the formula. Until now.