The dust is still settling on the 2019 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meet-Up. Today we celebrate some amazing photographs captured on the day and announce the winners of the three contests.

Meetup BTS photo winners

We asked attendees to share their ‘behind the scenes’ photographs on the day using the #meltoyphotomeetup2019_bts hashtag. Prizes for the BTS photos were awarded at the end of of the day as we all relaxed with a meal and a beer at Beer Deluxe.

Melbourne Meetup BTS winner
BTS winning photo by @theaffablegeek

The beautiful photo of @pugnatious by @theaffablegeek was a clear winner. Not only did it capture the playfulness of the day perfectly, it is simply a gorgeous photo!

Melbourne Meetup BTS runnerup
BTS runnerup photo by @spideygoeshygge

The fun photo by @spideygoeshygge captured the fun and laughter that filled the day. Plus, bonus points were awarded for getting the “Cow Up a Tree” into the shot!

Meetup Best Collaboration winners

It wasn’t easy picking a winning photo for the best collaboration using the #meltoyphotomeetup2019_collab hashtag. We asked attendees to get together with someone else, help each other out, share ideas and toys, hold bounce cards, etc. It’s not often we toy photographers get the chance to photograph with others, so the meet-up was the chance to do that.

Two toy photographers started the day collaborating on their take of the “Cow Up a Tree” sculpture in toy form. And they both continued to collaborate throughout the day.

Melbourne Meetup Best Collaboration Photo
Best Collaboration Photo by @jemimabonnie

Congratulations @jemimabonnie and @ramblingbrick for these wonderful interpretations of the sculpture that kicked off the day. And thank you both for starting the day with some collaboration, and continuing it throughout the whole day.

Melbourne Meetup Best Collaboration Photo
Best Collaboration Photo by @ramblingbrick

Meet-Up Photo of the Day winner

If you thought picking the other winners was difficult, choosing just one photo to earn “Photo of the Day” was super grueling!

With no theme set for the “Photo of the Day,” we let the photographers loose on Melbourne and had to scroll through over 200 posts using the #meltoyphotomeetup2019 hashtag to select just one winner.

After much deliberation, we selected the “No I’M the eye of the tiger!” photo by @runswithwampa as our favourite. We loved the composition, the mood, the mix of subject, AND the caption. Congratulations!

Melbourne Photo of the Day Winner
“No I’M the eye of the tiger!” – @runswithwampa

Found art found

One final highlight was “Found Art” being found.

We left more than 50 4″ x 6″ prints in sealed cellophane envelopes throughout Melbourne with notes explaining that they were free to keep by the person who found them. We asked those who discovered them to share their finds using the #toyphotographers_foundart hashtag so we knew the photos had made it to a new home.

Unfortunately, only one Found Art finder shared a photo of their find, despite us seeing quite a few prints being picked up.

Still, it was pretty cool to see someone share that one shot!

Melbourne Meetup Found Art
Found Art found in Hosier Lane

• L A N E W A Y • so this was a fun find on a lazy Sunday morning in Melbournes iconic lane ways ? #toyphotographers_foundart


Please, join us in congratulating all the winners for the 2019 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meet-Up in the comments below.

We’d like to give a huge thank you to LEGO and Atmosphere Aerosol for providing the amazing prizes for all the contest we ran on the day.

– Brett

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