Yesterday KAlexanderson mentioned that the best part of this week was our toy photography workshop and the opportunity to “meet other photographers, work together and share the fun of photographing toys.” Now imagine that experience for an entire week and you might get a sense of what I have been experiencing. Continue reading Influences

The toy photography workshop in Seattle

The best part of this already amazing week was the opportunity to  meet other photographers, work together and share the fun of photographing toys. Yesterday Shelly and I hosted a toy photography workshop at the Bryan Ohno Gallery in Seattle with a group of curious photographers. Continue reading The toy photography workshop in Seattle

Opening night

Yesterday was the big day for us here at Stuckinplastic; we had our second group show in Seattle at the Bryan Ohno Gallery. It went so much better than we had expected! It was packed in the gallery with people looking, talking and interacting with our pictures. Shelly and I were at the opening and had an opportunity to meet friends (old and new), fans and family and to talk about our pictures.

We will share with you a few photos from the great photographer Christopher Nelson who was kind enough to photograph the evening’s opening for us.


The show continues through December 12th; We hope you will get  a chance to see the work in person. We know we speak for all four of us when we say we are very proud of what we created.

1ja 001

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What is me and what is Shelly?

Is a photo only a result of time and place or is the photographer also a key-element in the making of a photograph? Being in Seattle for the show has made it possible for me to borrow Shelly’s amazing and beautiful robot.

I have to  admit I have a small crush on him. Continue reading What is me and what is Shelly?


“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” ― Heraclitus

Sometimes the pace of progress is so slow its almost impossible to see. Then along comes an event, like the upcoming opening, that illuminates just how much progress has been made. Continue reading Heraclitus

I’m stuck in plastic-people

Reading Me2’s latest post about location as one of the key elements of his photography got me thinking about the name of this group ”Stuck in plastic” and the close connection our work has to the Lego brick. Lego has a special place among my toys and especially in my still life photography.

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Vote: where should the next toy safari be?

As fall begins with ernest and the new year begins to loom on the horizon, we are already planning next years US toy photography safari.

Anyone who has attended either our Las Vegas or Stockholm editions, know that these special events are worth the effort to attend. The memories created by spending significant time with like minded individuals will last you a life time; not to mention the fun and unique photos you will take. You don’t want to miss our next safari! Continue reading Vote: where should the next toy safari be?

Shades of Grey

By now you have heard about the conflict between artist Ai Weiwei and the LEGO Group. To summarize Ai asked to purchase from LEGO a bulk order of LEGO bricks for an upcoming exhibition in Australia and the company refused on grounds that they knew the content was for political purposes. Ai then went to Instagram and accused LEGO of artistic censorship. Continue reading Shades of Grey

To make a selection

The process of deciding which pictures I will show in the exhibition “In LEGO We Connect: The Adventure Continues” in Seattle, has been hard. I started my selection by looking back at all my toy photographs, but I soon realized I had to choose from those I have done during the last year. Continue reading To make a selection