I loved the movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure as a kid and have literally been saying, “most excellent” ever since. I’ve also said, “be excellent to each other” a lot in the past year, and I was very excited to watch Bill & Ted Face the Music when it was released.

I have the Kenner Bill & Ted action figures from when I was a kid, and when I saw new 5-inch FigBiz action figures listed on Entertainment Earth I could not resist! On that note, take a look at a couple most excellent photos below.

It is wild how much action figures have improved over the years—as you can see with the Bill & Ted figures I have from the early ’90s.
He is Bill S. Preston Esquire!
He is Ted Theodore Logan!
And together we are the Wyld Stallyns!
My attempt at recreating the classic scene of Bill and Ted jamming in their garage.
If you haven’t watched last year’s Bill & Ted Face the Music aka Bill & Ted 3, you should. It was a great movie to watch with the world being so crazy. I’m hopeful that when the world opens up and live music returns, people might come together again.

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