Welcome back to the Toy Photographers Podcast and our special series of toy photography from a beginner’s perspective! I (Terri) am a former high school English teacher, and I find myself often seeing similarities between literature and toy photography. For example, when I taught novels, we talked a lot about character, plot, and setting. These days, I find I can definitely apply those same ideas to toy photography. Characters are our toys; the plot, the story we hope to tell in our photograph, and setting—well, that’s where we can have some real fun. Setting isn’t about where the action takes place. Setting can also create a mood and a feeling. The same is true for the settings of our photography! In this episode, Ariel (@those_wonderful_toys) and Terri (@greenehenphotography) talk setting and scenes–and all the decisions that come with each.

Listen in as Terri and Ariel discuss:

  • How they conceptualize and set up their scenes
  • Pros and cons of indoor vs outdoor scenes
  • Props, accessories, and fabricated backdrops
  • Using our natural surroundings to create images
  • The joys of being outside and “on location” with our toys
  • Creating a scene and image vs documenting a moment–is there a difference?

Sample images: Inside/Outside

Ariel (@those_wonderful_toys):

Terri (@greenehenphotography):

Resources we discussed

  • Extreme-Sets: https://extreme-sets.com / IG: @extreme_sets
  • DioramaPrints: https://dioramaprints.com / IG: @dioramaprints
  • Vasco Toys (Foam Dioramas): https://vascotoys.com / IG: @vascotoys
  • Oliver’s Corner: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/OliversCornerGB?ref=shop_sugg / IG: @oliverscornergb

We’d love for you to have a listen to the other episodes in this miniseries where we chat about our journeys thus far in toy photography, the gear we use, and our favorite toys (so far!). As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Newbies and veterans alike, what gear do you love? Tips, tricks, and advice for those just getting started? Leave a comment below or join our communities on MeWeFacebook, or Instagram!