This episode of the Toy Photographers Podcast is the second of our special series focused on newcomers to the toy photography community. In today’s episode, your hosts, Terri (@greenehenphotography) and Ariel (@those_wonderful_toys), talk about the gear they use and have found helpful in their journeys as newbie toy photographers. 

Much of the talk about cameras and gear can get pretty technical and into the weeds. Those just beginning can become quickly overwhelmed or, worse, hesitant to even begin! Rest assured, this episode will NOT get into the nitty-gritty. Instead, we describe what has worked for us, how we’re still growing and developing, where we go for resources and information, how we manage to not spend a fortune on gear, and our advice for just getting started—regardless of the equipment you may or may not have!

Mentioned in this episode:

Canon mirrorless

Fujifilm X Series





Canon m50 cage

Our favorite YouTube resources:


Reggie Ballesteros Photography 

Omar Gonzalez Photography 

Andrew and Denae



TR4K Alliance

Duane Shoots Toys

Greg Cook

Photo Genius

Sample images

When Terri started her 365 project, she planned to shoot only using her Fuji X100F; here’s the LEGO Sad Clown minifigure shot with that camera (fixed 23mm lens), @greenehenphotography
Gonzo and Camilla enjoy a quiet afternoon outside, Fuji XT-3 with 60mm 1:2 macro lens, @greenehenphotography
“Come Out,” taken with Canon EOS M50 and 50mm lens, by Ariel Figueroa, @those_wonderful_toys
Another version of “Come Out,” taken with Canon EOS M50 and the Lensbaby Sweet 50 lens, by Ariel Figueroa, @those_wonderful_toys

We’ve both been at toy photography for less than a year, so if you’re new, too, we hope you’ll find some useful nuggets throughout this episode. And if you haven’t listened to our first episode on getting started, we hope you’ll check that out as well. And as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Newbies and veterans alike, what gear do you love? Tips, tricks and advice for those just getting started? Leave a comment below or join our communities on MeWe, Facebook, or Instagram!