In this final installment of the special miniseries focused on toy photography from the beginner’s perspective, Terri (@greenehenphotography) and Ariel (@those_wonderful_toys) had the opportunity to chat with Ben Piper of Project Piper Customs (@projectpipercustoms)–what a treat!

Toy photography has opened up such world of opportunities and a world of creativity for us all; whether we came to toy photography through our love of toys or our love of photography (or somewhere in between), we’ve all found a home where we can create, share, inspire, be inspired, and collaborate. What better to wrap up our series than to chat with another member of the community who, like so many, came to the craft of toy photography through the hobby of collecting and, later, customizing toys.

Ben Piper is a UK-based creative and photographer, and his passion is evident not only in his creations but also in his photographs, his YouTube videos, and his social media channels–and, of course, in this conversation!

Listen in as we chat about:

  • How Ben’s journey to toy photography began and where it’s taken him
  • How he views development and growth as a personal “leveling up” process
  • How he views social media, the algorithms, and growth
  • The case against needing allllll the gear–especially when just starting out
  • The power of community and how reaching out to others forges friendships and collaborations
  • Why he decided to share his process and tips via YouTube
  • Advice for new and aspiring toy photographers

You can find Ben on Facebook (, Instagram (, and YouTube ( And be sure to check out Ben’s series on YouTube focused on beginners–each episode is chock-full of fantastic info!

Sample Images

One of Ben’s early photos
Spidey shot with 10 hidden flight stands–final image (@projectpipercustoms)
Behind the scenes (@projectpipercustoms)

We’ve had a blast bringing these past few episodes to you, and we’ve so enjoyed sharing our journeys with all of you–keep on creating, keep on learning and experimenting, and keep on having fun! As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts after listening to this episode: What are your favorite toys to photograph? What’s on your wish list? What advice do you have for newbies? Leave a comment below, join our communities on MeWeFacebook, or Instagram, and be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you’ll never miss an episode!