LEGO has just released a fun, affordable little set with an Easter theme: Easter Bunny House LEGO set #853990 ($7.99 USD). It’s time for a toy photographer’s perspective!

Setting aside my general dislike of the “Easter Bunny” side of the spring holidays (A rabbit that lays eggs? One of the worst mixed metaphors for fertility that made it into our cultural traditions!), this is a very cute and easy build with lots of photogenic elements.

The Easter Bunny LEGO set is packaged with a built-in to/from card, which makes it a great seasonal gift for any child or LEGO fan.

However, I was very disappointed to slip off the outer package label and find that the box did not create an egg-shaped “house” background, as shown on the label. The box would have made a great house for the bunny, or at least one that could appear in the background of toy photos. But since it already has the bunny and other items printed on it, this doesn’t work.

When I first saw the package, I truly believed that’s why they put the outer label over the inner box, so when I very carefully removed the tape and eased the label off… Did I mention my disappointment? Sigh. Let’s move on.

Playability—er, that is, photography appeal of the Easter Bunny LEGO Set

The Easter Bunny LEGO set is well designed as a playground for one’s imagination and storytelling. The little chicken coop has a space to collect the eggs, and you can open a little door in the back to gather them.

Collecting the eggs.

The little LEGO plants add to the illusion of the surroundings, and I found them really fun to blend into the grass of my yard when setting up the scene.

The little bike has a kickstand that keeps it from falling over, but you can adjust it so it doesn’t get in the way of rolling the wheels (whee!). A similar bike on a site like Firestartoys sells for between $6.50 and $8.50, all by itself. To get a minifigure, a chicken, chicken coop, some plants, a bunch of eggs and a bike for less than $8 is fabulous. It’s great addition to my vehicle collection for all my other minifigures to ride.

The chicken house (coop).

The little chicken house is a lot of fun. The build is nice because you can easily access the egg storage area, either by opening the back door as shown earlier, or by opening the two halves of the roof.

A toy photographer’s conclusion

The Easter Bunny LEGO set has some great pieces worth picking up for any LEGO photographer. I’m disappointed there isn’t a real egg-shaped house (or even a cardboard one) for the bunny, but hey–this is LEGO, right? If I want one, I can create one!

For now, I can tell many stories during this spring and Easter season using the character and supporting elements provided.

Easter Bunny LEGO set - driving her delivery bike by Teddi Deppner
Early morning egg delivery to the bunny’s customers.
Fresh eggs are worth the price, especially when the bunny delivers them all the way to the forest treehouse!

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