Listen to our podcast

Listen to our podcast

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Toy Photographers Meet-up

Toy Photographers Meet-up

Join Brett and Shelly in Oregon, Memorial Day weekend, for four days of unforgettable fun!

Life of Toy Photographers

Life of Toy Photographers

Our community book for 2017 is now available to buy!

But hurry as it’s only here for a limited time!


“The First Attempt” by Avanaut Why do I take photographs of Lego? That is a question that took me by surprise a couple of weeks ago. I realized I had never asked myself that question before. Finding the answer was not easy, and it took a brief conversation with my …

Another Point of View

Psst… want to know a secret? +Me2 and I have been working together for nine months and have only talked once on the phone. All communications have been through Kik, this blog and an occasional e-mail. If you know anything about communication then you know this is a very limited …

What is in a Name?

Sometimes an unusual social media handle means nothing, sometimes it means everything. Take xxsjc for example. It’s a mouthful, it does not roll off the tongue easily and it makes no sense, but it has been my handle since the early days of Twitter. You know, back when people actually …


Why? Why do I take photographs of small plastic figures? Well, I’m not doing it to change the world. Neither am I bringing attention to worthy causes, or highlighting injustice with my photographs. I do it for the same reason most people do most things, I do it for me. …

Winning the Lottery

I’m sure for most people winning the lottery conjures up images of piles of money but for a fan of Lego it means scoring a rare set at regular price. A few weeks ago I tried to purchase set #21110 The Research Institute and set #21109 The Exo Suit and …