Kristina and Shelly continue their podcast series with a conversation about “Hope”. Beginning with episodes about “Escape” and “Normal“, now they continue with “Hope” as seen through the eyes of toy photography.

Community Submissions

Before you listen to the podcast take a quick look at the following images. Kristina and Shelly discuss these four images and how they reflect our ideas about hope. Sometimes hope arrives in the form of a super hero and sometimes its represented by an enduring friendship. Occasionally hope is denied. As usually the conversation between Kristina and Shelly goes deep and personal as they discuss their images and submissions from the community.

From the community they choose two photographs to talk about. Each of these photographers has taken a very different approach to “Hope”. While appearing very different, these images reflect several of the themes found running through all of the submissions. Please check out the other images submitted for #tp_podcast_hope and feel free to add to the collection.

Matthew Wyjad

The man in ice by Matthew Wyjad

Chris Rose

Dont give up hope. by Chris Rose

Shelly Corbett

I have a dream… by Shelly Corbett

Kristina Alexanderson

The next step

Its clear from this conversation about “Hope” that its meaning is varied and often very personal. Its wonderful to be able to use a motive as diverse as plastic stormtroopers to plush bears to convey a feeling of Hope. Thank you to everyone who participated in our theme challenge. Your images are inspiring!

Now its time to turn our creative energies to the next theme challenge: Abyss.

We want to see your ideas on “Abyss”! Please upload your submissions to either Instagram or our MeWe community. They can be as dark or as hopeful as you dare! Don’t forget to tag them #tp_podcast_abyss! Kristina and Shelly will chose images that illuminate the idea of Abyss for next months discussion. (deadline July 24th)

See you in the abyss!

Thank you for your continued support of the Toy Photographers Podcast. We appreciate your downloads, your listens and your comments.