Suppaduppa’s TOP 5 Favorite Figures (Ever)

I want to choose only five figures; my favorite top 5 figures ever. This makes me ask myself something before making this list. Before I started photographing toys I only bought them because I liked them. Now I buy them thinking if they will look good in front of my lens. I don’t know if it matters, but I never thought of it before. Or did I?

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My First Toy Photo – Pulup

I stepped into toy photography a couple of years after I bought my first DSLR camera. Back in those days, I was walking around at least once a week, taking my own concept-photo trips in the city, though mostly taking shots of cats, graffiti and beer on the streets of Istanbul (no surprise here). After I bought my first iPhone, I became addicted to Hipstamatic and Instagram, and frankly I started to use my DSLR less often. After a while I started to buy Lego to add color to my photos, which became a big hobby of mine with almost thousand mini figures and more than three thousand Lego photos to date. Continue reading My First Toy Photo – Pulup

My First Toy Photo(s) – by Ann @Miss__Feklista

I’d like to start my new story with thanking dear Shelly for this great fest of unity and creativity that she brings to us.

The more I tell about my hobby the better I know what the Time Travel is. After showing my Five Favorite Figures to you I had the impression that this adventure still lived in Present… And when I tried to reflect on the Past I was totally excited to realize that all my little heroes had the real Ancestors.

“Turning back the clock”, I see another autumn – a sweet coincidence that can reward the most audacious time traveller. There is no doubt that I found my first toy photo. This 3 years-old shot was made when I was telling the story which happened 300 million years ago.


In my opinion, even the atmosphere of this picture is a little “ancient”. It shows the Prince Adam who lived in the Era of wonderful dinosaurs and mysterious tribes. Being a little child, I was in love with this breath-catching legend with dark secrets and brave heroes – brilliant plot of a very old video game “Lost Eden”. The world of the Past was like an opened book that I studied to the last detail and explored it with my good friends.


Prince Adam and his beautiful friend Dina. Customs and Dinosaurs are created by me.

Years later, I decided to recreate the great tale using my Lego hobby and bring it to the Present. Have a look at the white mirror on the shot below: it can become a window to some events or secret places. Like this magical object, the Toy Photography was my instrument of Showing and was based on my drawing and sculpture.


The Old Monk keeps the Ancestors’ Memories

My hobby gave me the possibility to lead my family and friends through the mysterious caves, shining oceans and ancient continents. My Mother, the main Kindred Spirit in my life and enormously Creative Person, shares my interests and we invented all these fantastic constructions together!


The Guard of the Prison


Adam’s sister is a brave Warrior Queen


With the Gold Sword you will open the secret door


The guard of the Maze keeps working through the years…

I’m going to illustrate this awesome story from the beginning to the end. As you can see, it is symbolic in every sense. One day I will invite you to explore this ancient universe with me. But now its time to return to the Present!


The way is open

Ann @Miss__Feklista

My first toy photo(s)

I’m not quite sure when I first started calling myself a toy photographer but it certainly wasn’t when I took my first toy photos on Christmas Eve, 2008.

I borrowed some of my little brother’s Stormtroopers and had them re-enact a ‘we three kings’ moment around my childhood baby Jesus.

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What’s in My Bag? by SBPhotographs1

First off its great to be contributing to SIP again and I’d like to thank Shelly for making that happen. A huge thank you to the community for the warm reception I got to the “Why?” post I had contributed to couple of months back.

This time I’d like to share exactly what goes in my camera bag as well as my basic home studio setup.

For me choice is the hardest thing to cope with. It’s extremely difficult for me to choose what glass (lens) I’d like to carry around with me because I can never manage to say that I will only be shooting Macro or Landscape or Portrait on a given day. So I practically lug around my entire kit wherever I go.

To be honest, looking at other photographer’s bags sometimes brings out the most severe case of self-doubt and the question “Am I doing it wrong?” inevitably comes up. But as I’ve matured (at least I’d like to think so) as a photographer, I’ve come to realize that my way of thinking, and for that matter any photographer’s style and way of thinking, is very different from the next.

When I’m not practicing Toy Photography I’m an avid Landscape photographer and I absolutely love a picturesque shot of nature’s beauty.


The bag I use is a Lowepro Pro Runner 200 AW DSLR Backpack. The bag is an absolute dream and even comes with a water proof pull over sheet to keep rain water off. The camera I use is the Canon 600D (Rebel T3i) DSLR and has been my ‘go to’ camera for the past four years. While the camera is an APS-C sensor based model, I find that it has kept up extremely well against the test of time.

As for the glass, I have gathered up a fairly decent range to choose from. When it comes to Toy Photography I use a Tamron 90mm f/2.8 VC lens which is what 90% of my photographs have been taken with.

The rest of my kit it includes the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM, Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6, Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS (Kit Lens) and the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM, which is my go to lens for landscape photography.


My bag always has four memory cards: 2 – 16GB cards and 1 – 8GB and a reserve 2 – GB card. I know I should probably just get one large memory card, but I’m paranoid about trusting one card with all of my images. The next most important thing to have for me personally is  an extra Battery and a lens cleaning kit in case I decide to get the camera out there in the elements. All my lens’ have a UV filter which is of paramount importance to keep the main lens elements safe and sound from any kind of scratches and from bumps and scrapes while outdoors. As for the figures I carry, I always have a mix of Lego and six inch figures. The Lego mini figures I always have are four Stormtroopers, C-3PO, R2-D2, Luke, Han, Chewie and Leia. I also make it a point to have at least one male and one female generic Lego mini figure with a bunch of faces with different expressions. As for the six inch figures I always have my Ashigaru Sandtrooper and/or the Ashigaru Stormtrooper and Ronin Boba Fett from the incredible Tamashii Nations Movie Realization Star Wars series.


In case you plan on shooting through the day you should definitely have a bunch of Gradient, Polaroid and ND Filters for at least one lens in your kit. For me it’s the 10-18 which has these extra lens elements to modify the amount of light I get across the sensor.

While at home I’d either shoot in my home studio or near and around the area of my residence. My home studio is made up of a light table, an Elinchrom D-Lite RX One setup with 2 flashes along with 2 Portalite soft boxes and one 5 way reflector. It’s the best toy photography set up that you could get and it isn’t even that pricey and super reliable.

That’s about it for What’s in My Bag and Studio, should you guys have any question feel free to ask!

Thank you once again Shelly for this opportunity and a big thank you to my parents who’ve helped me to assemble the epic kit that I spoke about above.

Shahzad Bhiwandiwala (@sbphotographs1)

We all have our personal must-have items in our photo bags. What are yours? 

What “Why” to find in days to come

The context of my life has changed. Because of this I found myself asking: what am I doing? where am I going? I have discovered a part of me in need of an inner journey of knowing myself, a journey that makes use of two passions that lie close to my heart – photography and writing. Continue reading What “Why” to find in days to come

Why? by Leila Chieko

I used to be a scrapbook queen. I’ve been documenting my life through photography since grade school and have put together dozens and dozens of scrapbooks all the way up until about ten years ago when I made the transition from 35mm film to digital photography. I photographed the usual: people, travel, landscapes. In my quest to answer the “Why do I take toy photographs?” question this blog series is based on, I dug up one of my earliest scrapbooks from age 11 in which I remember taking a photo of a Hot Wheels truck in front of a Hawaiian sunset. Continue reading Why? by Leila Chieko

My Five Favorite Figures – By Ann @Miss__Feklista

First of all, I’d like to thank Shelly again for the great possibility to share my creative hobby in this friendly and creative blog.

Today My Five Favorite Figures are here to tell their unique stories. Why are they special for me? To be honest, it took me a long time to think about all my Lego figures and customs. But then I asked myself: “Which heroes influenced the development of my hobby”? This criterion made my choice evident and the characters appeared on the stage one after the other. Continue reading My Five Favorite Figures – By Ann @Miss__Feklista

Why? by Brooks Weaver

A few years ago when I created my first Lego mini-figure scene with the members of Guardians of the Galaxy, I never would have thought I would be sitting here typing this Post.  But thanks to Shelly for giving me the opportunity to write a few thoughts on ‘Why’ I am ‘stuck in plastic’ doing toy photography, I know that I wouldn’t want to be anyplace else. Continue reading Why? by Brooks Weaver