Mushroom Season – A Six Image Narrative

Glory to you, o Sacred Mushrooms of Mystical Travel! Thanks to your tasty blessing I will travel deep into the Underworld to ask my Great Ancestors about the future of our Tribe. Glory to you!


Shroomsies! Oh! Shroomsies! We have luck, precious! We found tasty, tasty shroomsies! We will feast today precious, oh we will feast! Shroomsies, shroomsies, lalala.


Oh! UFO! Unspeakable Fungoid Object!


Hmm, the White Cloud, rare mushroom. It will be A valuable ingredient of my witcher’s potions. But I have to be very careful…


Oh, Mycena pura, beautiful specimen! Such shapely gills!


Oh no, it’s lilac bonnet! I’ll better retreat…

~ Tomek Lasek

Authors note: 

My intention is to create a story with the same or almost the same frame, with only the passers by changing. I also wanted to show how the context changes when you replace the figure but the mushrooms remains the same.

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