Keko vs Neko: Epic Staring Contest

What started out as a happenstance encounter has amplified into a full on battle of wits. Watery eyes or fried circuits are a possibility.

Keko: a charming Lego Robot designed by Peter Ried (Designer of Lego Ideas set – Exo Suit 21109)

Neko: Japanese for Cat (Cat designed by Schleich)

The first encounter: Early morning. Blue hues. Staring ensues.

Staring Contest Beginnings

Keko discovers Neko staring at him in the early morning light.

Round 2

Round 2

Red Stare

Red Stare – not to be confused with red scare

Staring through golden hour

Yellow stare – It was quite difficult for both parties to remain staring through such a beautiful golden sunset. They could see it in their periphial vision.

Level up: Obscured staring

Level up: Obscured staring

Robot attempts to pet cat

Will this be the end? Who will win? Cat eyes almost always close on the touch of a human hand… but will this strategy work for Keko?

~ Joseph Cowlishaw (joecow)