Toy Photographers Meet-up

Toy Photographers Meet-up

Join 20+ Amazing toy photographers Memorial Day weekend

for four days of unforgettable fun!

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Ode to moss

Moss. We seem to talk a little endlessly about it’s use in toy photography, and today it’s my turn to jump on the ‘we love moss’ bandwagon! As you might know if you’ve been keeping up with my posts, I’ve just come back from a week in the Lake District. …

Why? by Aimee Snowden

Introduction Hi, my name is Aimee and I am an irrigation farmer from southern NSW, Australia. I grew up on my family farm where we specialise in the production of lucerne hay and silage. I worked locally in accounting and irrigation, before moving back to the family farm in September …

My Favorite Puddle

I’m no stranger to photographing toys in puddles. So much so, I even have a favorite puddle. (What a weird thing to say!) My favorite puddle is in a particular spot in my favorite park where I can consistently create photos I enjoy. It’s also a place that continues to …

The toys of Kinder Surprise

What with it being Easter tomorrow, I decided to break out the chocolate early and get myself some toys in the process! Cue me buying a six pack of Kinder eggs to relive my childhood. There was nothing better than a Kinder egg as a kid. Peeling the foil wrapper off, …

Oregon, here I come!

If you’re reading this expecting some insights into toy photography, let me stop you now. You won’t find any tips, tricks, insights or. This post is purely self-indulgent hubbub. Monday Last week I tuned in to James’ chat with David (Father’s Figures) on the latest episode of the Toy Photographers …