Recently, I found out about an annual photography challenge called jANTMANuary. Every January, toy photographers post photos of Ant-Man interacting with real-world objects. I wanted to join the challenge, but there’s one problem – I don’t own any Ant-Man figures. Okay, I’ll use other minifigures, I told myself. But what kind of situations should I put them in? My phone was within reach so I decided to try to make something with it. The first three photos I took involved minifigures interacting with my phone, so I decided to take three more and turn this into my own Six Image Narrative challenge.

It’s not one linear story, but all the photos feature my phone, which the minifigures use in different ways. So this is what happens when I leave the device unattended.

LEGO minifigures partying on the back of the smartphone with phone's camera lens as stove burner
LEGO Thor minifigure holding a phone charging cable attached to phone with electric discharge all around.
LEGO ship captain minifigure sitting in a little ship, put on the smartphone screen with sea surface display
LEGO Loki minifigure "emerging" from the smartphone screen which looks like a interdimensional portal
LEGO minifigures sitting inf ront of the smartphone screen in cinema-like style.
LEGO minifigures partying by the smartphone screen with pool surface display.

Zoran Pesic (IG: Bricktoygrapher)

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