As a toy photographer, I mostly enjoy action figures and LEGO minifigures as subjects. However, after purchasing a few Funko Pop statues and reviewing a couple of the LEGO Brickheadz Pets sets (goldfish and budgie), I’m finding these less-articulated toys a fun challenge. Today we’re looking at the Dalmatians set (#40479) that is coming out on June 1, 2021. This time around I found that the dogs actually pair well (in scale) with a Barbie doll companion.

The build

The build was easy, and didn’t take long. A couple elements of the puppy are less sturdy than I’d like (see build pics below). The collar on the older dog is adorable. And, as usual, I didn’t care for the stickers, so I left them off the base provided for the dogs. An articulated tail for both dog and puppy is a nice touch, and the dog’s legs are somewhat posable, which was a nice surprise.

I’ll probably find a way to add rotation to the heads if I continue to use them for toy photos, just to have a bit more articulation.

The Brickheadz Pets Dalmatians pair well with Barbie dolls

Unlike the goldfish or budgie pets, these actually scale nicely with a 12-inch doll or action figure. I don’t have them available anymore to shoot with, but I think the Minecraft BigFigs would be a great companion to these brick dogs, as well.

They also look good with other animal figures like those by Safari Ltd and Schleich.

Cat with the bigger dog
Cat with the puppy
Of course, my own real-life cat wanted to meet the new pet, too!

Conclusion: Plenty of photo potential

Sure, they’re blocky and static, but if you like LEGO and like pets, these sets can be a fun addition to your toy photography collection. And obviously, apart from taking pictures of them, these LEGO doggies make a great gift for a dog lover or child who wishes they had a dog. Drop a comment if you have more ideas for photo shoots with these cuties!

Big and little, they make a great pair.
Toy photographer Teddi Deppner tackles the challenge of bringing the LEGO Brickheadz Pets Dalmatians to life on camera.
See? They just want to play with you!