The six-image narrative prompt is “Symmetry.” The venue is the first 2021 Toy Photographers Virtual Meet-Up. The photo challenge participants are Luigi (@priovit70), Fabio (@ilcarota) and Elena ( Be sure to check out the end of the post to read the story behind these images!

About the collaboration

When an email assigned our group “Symmetry” as the six-image narrative challenge prompt, we were astonished and a bit puzzled. Nevertheless, after getting acquainted during our first Zoom chat to exchange our first impressions, ideas began coming and they continued to flow.

We said it would have been jolly to put a common element in each photo. This element had to embody the concept of symmetry and also a transition between ages and places—but we also wanted a baton in a relay to be passed from one pic to another. A practical experiment took place the following day, but it was disappointing, totally different from what we imagined.

Meanwhile, the group decided we all should each shoot the same number of photos. This clarified things, giving us a limited choice of minifigs and led us to keeping the background of our shots as simple as possible. The tracking shots through the different ages, from caveman to spaceman, shows different background colours representing each minifigure, but it’s the same grey colour behind the first and last minifigs, leaving viewers to draw a meaningful conclusion.

Ideally, the pictures should be scrolled horizontally or be put in a circle—the circle of evolution! Despite the difficulty of our task, we enjoyed great brainstorming sessions and we had fun, and that’s the most important thing.

~ Luigi (@priovit70), Fabio (@ilcarota), Elena (

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