I’m fascinated, and awestruck, by any photographer who takes on a 365 photo project. Because of this, I’ve invited Matthew Wyjad and Terri Greene Henning, two toy photographers, onto the podcast. I wanted to discuss their reasons for embarking on this year-long photo adventure.

Just thinking about the challenges involved with taking a toy photo every day terrifies me. So when I have not only one, but two toy photographers in my feed embarking on what I consider madness, I want to ask them “why?” Why would you do this to yourself? Enter the podcast.

I invite you to take a listen as both Matthew and Terri explain to me the joys, challenges and rewards of the 365 challenge. While each photographer approaches this challenge from a different starting point, the lessons they learn are very similar. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Matthew Wyjad

Terri Greene Henning

365 photo project

After conversing with Matthew and Terri, I have no doubt there is value in a 365 project. If you’re not tripped up by the photo-a-day pressure, there is much to be gained. Maybe a 365 is too much of a commitment for you. Have you considered a 52-week photo project? Or start slow, as Terri suggests, and practice with a 30-day challenge?

Have you challenged yourself with a photo project? I invite you to tell me in the comments about your experience. I would love to know what you learned, what was the hardest part, and would you ever do it again! Join the conversation, your experience may inspire someone!