For our last Toy Photographers Podcast challenge, Kristina and I took a look at mythological stories and how they can inspire creative toy photography. Greek mythology has been a strong influence on Western culture, specifically the arts and literature, for centuries. Because of this, mythology seemed like an interesting lens for exploring storytelling possibilities with toys. 

This particular challenge to our listening community resulted in some very interesting images and interpretations of myths. Each image shows how these ancient stories continue to influence our personal and contemporary stories. I hope you enjoy our conversation.


Our images

Leda and the Swan by Shelly Corbett

Community images

Sisyphus by Tobias M. Schiel
Atlas by @zekezachzoom

A new year!

In the new year, Kristina and I will be suspending our podcast conversations and challenges. But before we call it quits completely, we have one last podcast we want to create in 2021. And this one requires your participation! We will be live broadcasting our conversation during the upcoming Toy Photographers Online Meet-up. The topic will be “The Best Toy Photos of 2020” in our community of listeners. We want you to send us your best photo from 2020 and tell us why it’s meaningful to you. Our plan is to discuss as many photos as we can in our allotted time. We will share what you have to say about your photo as well as what we think is awesome about it. All submissions chosen for the broadcast will also be published on the blog.

This is a wonderful way to celebrate all the amazing work created in our community this year—and it’s a fitting final post for this epic year of conversations and challenges. If you would like to submit your image for this special podcast, please use this form. And don’t forget to register for the meet-up! It’s going to be an epic weekend!

Thank you

I want to thank Kristina for an amazing year of challenges and conversations. I’ve learned so much through the photography process and our friendship. And to you, our faithful listeners, thank your for your downloads, your comments and your support these last months. Your enthusiasm has kept us going through a challenging year.

You’re the best!