First, we challenged ourselves to recreate the work of another artist. Then we remade our own photos. Now, in this closing chapter of our photo recreation trilogy, Kristina and I recreate one of each other’s photos – and learn quite a bit about ourselves work in the process.

In the past, right up until the beginning this podcast theme, I’d always thought of recreations from a technical standpoint. Anytime I’d remade one of my own images, it hadn’t been to make some kind of artistic statement or study how I’d grown as a photographer. It was about making the photos better simply by making them look better.

Now, after spending the last few months remaking both my own work and the work of artists I know or admire, I’ve gained a new perspective. I believe this to be a powerful exercise – one that can teach you a lot about yourself as an artist, and those whose work you’re remaking.

I was happy to hear that Kristina felt the same. You can listen to our conversation here, and follow along with all of the images we discuss below.

My Image

Kristina’s Image

Listener Submissions

Janan M. Lee (@spideygoeshygge)

Astrid Heyland (@hey.light)

Luke Jones (@ljtoyphotography)

Next up: Summer

While this has been a fun exercise to do over the course of three podcast episodes, we’re returning to a more straightforward theme for next month’s podcast. We’ll be using “Summer” as a prompt. If you want to join in the fun and get the chance to have your work discussed on the show, use the hasthag #tp_summer and tag both myself (@thereeljames23) and Kristina (@kalexanderson) or email it to us directly at

Thanks for listening! Did you enjoy this three-part series? Did you learn anything new about recreating work, as I did? We’d love to hear your thoughts about recreations in the comments below.

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