Have you ever been frustrated by a lack of articulation in your toys? Felt limited by what’s available for sale from major brands? Or do you just have crazy cool toy ideas you’d love to bring to life? Then you’re going to love the work of Dennis Taylor, aka Krash_Override.

If you’re part of the toy community, and have ever been to a toy photo safari, you’re likely familiar with Krash’s unique work. He’s more than just a fantastic toy photographer. The self-proclaimed “maker of madness” has spent the last decade or so creating his own toys, or Krashes Kustoms, to shoot. He’s kind of like Sid from Toy Story, if Sid had grown up to be a super sweet, artistic and awesome guy. Whether he’s “kit-bashing” multiple figures together, or making his own creations out of materials like resin, apoxie, and scraps of hardware, the only limits are which parts he can get his hands on, and is his imagination.

Uniporgs, still under construction

Luckily, Krash’s imagination is wild, and many of us in the toy community have fallen in love with his work. When I last interviewed Dennis, to discuss #jANTMANuary, I just knew I had to invite him back on to talk about his craft. In addition, I asked him about his background in drawing, his biggest influences, and much more.

Big thanks to Krash for coming back onto the show! I’m definitely going to hold you to your offer to talk again sometime in the future. Make sure you’re following him on Instagram, check out his awesome Youtube channel, and keep an eye out for his latest creation when the Utah toy photo meetup goes into full swing later this week!


Have you ever tried making your own custom toys? What was the result? Have any questions for Dennis? Continue the conversation with us in the comments below!

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The Grim Speeder, a Krash Kustom before being placed into his Hotwheels car