Podcast 18 – Action

Aaaaaaand, action!

On this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m joined once again by my good friend from Sweden, Kristina Alexanderson. This time around, Kristina and I tackle the theme of “Action,” despite not being photographers that typically shoot action scenes.

The dictionary defines action as, “The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim,” as well as “armed conflict” or “exciting or notable activities.” Did we convey these definitions in our photos? Listen to the podcast, and check out our images below, to find out!

My Image

My goal was to capture the moment just before the action takes place. To accomplish this I used my trusty Black Series 6″ Stormtrooper and Jyn Erso figures.

Kristina’s Image

As luck would have it, Kristina used a Stromtrooper in her image as well, with a twist! What kind of “action” do you think this Stormtrooper is getting while he’s not at work?

Guest Submissions

As always, we invited our listeners to participate, and received some great submissions! We discuss a few of them on the podcast, and you can check them out for yourself below. Thanks Koncrete_Bricks, ljtoyphotography, and Tony Tulloch for playing along!



Tony Tulloch

LEGO "Whatever, Tony Stark" by Tony Tulloch
“Whatever, Tony Stark” by Tony Tulloch

Thank you so much for listening! Until next time, sound off with your interpretation of the theme, and how you felt about ours, in the comments.


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  1. Joe Hayes (koncrete_bricks)

    Great show as always guys! Thanks for the kind words and I do appreciate the critique from kristina. Can always learn from other great photographers. Ive only owned a dslr for about 8 months so composition is something i should work on more rather then flashy practical effects lol. Ill make sure I contribute some nicly composed shots with good lighting for the # tp_stilllife(is that correct?)
    The solo pic is practical effects and the blaster is photoshop.
    The dr strange shot is all practical effects with some minor photoshop.
    The knightmare batman shot is all practical.
    And the the captain America shot is all practical except the lightning.. and i cant remember why i cropped the photo lol something wasnt right near his legs from memery 🤣.
    James you should organise one time and ill stream live while i setup some shots with the practical effects.


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