LEGO Downtown Diner Giveaway Winner

The LEGO Downtown Diner contest and giveaway has come to a close, and it’s time to crown our winner!

As always, you did not make it easy to narrow down these entries, let alone choose a winner! I was so taken with all of the submissions, and loved seeing such a wide variety of styles and stories representing Nostalgia.

Without any further ado, the winer is…

Drum Roll Please…

“Childhood in the 80s” by @fourbrickstall!

LEGO treehouse nostalgia by fourbrickstall
“Childhood in the 80s” by @fourbrickstall

This photo perfectly captured the nostalgic spirit of the contest. Not only did she take a wonderful photo, but the treehouse build, utilizing the new tree trunk costume pieces, is amazingly executed. There are several photos accompanying this one, highlighting the attention to detail, that I recommend you check out here. She also submitted a handful of other wonderful photos, like this Dungeons and Dragons memory and tribute to the classic game Simon.

Please join us in congratulating FourBricksTall. I’ll be in touch soon about delivering your prize!

And thank you to everyone who entered! You really went above and beyond with this contest. Once again, all the wonderful entries made it very difficult for us to choose just one winner.

Runners Up

Here are some other entries we loved that nearly took home the prize. Did I mention that it was very hard to vote??

LEGO swingset do you remember by The_Aphol
“Do you remember?” by @The_Aphol
Lego Harry Potter "Really, everyone's a fan" by @karenmaymartin
“Really, everyone’s a fan” by @karenmaymartin
Star Wars Black Series Jaina Solo “Oh brother, what have you done?” by @spideygoeshygge
“Oh brother, what have you done?” by @spideygoeshygge
LEGO minifigures "Remembering the best birthday EVER!" by @mrs.playwell
“Remembering the best birthday EVER!” by @mrs.playwell

Thank You

Special thanks to Brett, Shelly, and Lizzi for helping me in judging duties. You can view all of the awesome entries here.

Thanks also to our friends at LEGO for the opportunity to review and give away this great set.

And of course, thank you to everyone who entered. Unfortunately we can only have one winner. If it wasn’t you this time, keep an eye out for another giveaway in the future!


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  1. SkizzoPH

    Congratulations @fourbrickstall! Very well deserved: Lovely photo and very creative build. I was a big fan of this photo from the first moment I saw it. Congratulations also to the runners up for the beautiful work! This contest was really fun, with a great topic and full of beautiful photos!!!

  2. Yay! This is amazing! Thanks so much! I really love this build — as I was creating the treehouse with my current favorite minifig (tree disguise), I kept thinking back to the times by the levee looking for treasure in the shore with my metal detector, my RC vehicles, and my useless slingshot (or perhaps it was my poor skill) and just kept adding these elements. At some point, I had rollerskates, bikes, soccer balls, you name it but I had to stop myself and scale it all back.

    Thanks for the contest! It was really fun going back to my childhood and recreating it in LEGO. It also just amazes me how far LEGO has come all these decades that I can create this image with just LEGO parts.

  3. brett_wilson

    Congratulations Anna!
    I instantly fell in love with your tree house photos the minute I saw them. They perfectly captured the emotions I had as a kid building tree houses in my backyard, or my childhood friends’, and all the fun adventures that happened after they were built.
    Great job!

    • Thanks Brett! My idea list for this shot was so long; it was very tempting to crowd the scene with bikes, skateboards, rollerskates — and I did — but thankfully, I was able to rein in my enthusiasm a little and settle on just a few props. Paid off!

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