Last week I introduced a new hashtag, #nofigurefriday, and boy did it seem to go down well! I was happily surprised at how many of you took a chance at ditching the figure and shooting your accessories.

We had some absolutely brilliant photos shared with us featuring a range of accessories from all kinds of toys.

We had beautifully focused swords.

The sword of destiny

The sword of destiny by spideygoeshygge

We had reflections of left behind items.

Left behind

Left behind by

We had hats too large for manholes.

Lost hat by Tomasz Lasek

We had brilliantly bright and cheerful macro flowers.

Flower macro by James Garcia

Watching all your photos appear was fantastic! It was a great day to be part of the toy photography community and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with this coming Friday!

Want more hashtags to play with?

If you want inspiration for other photos to take and share, why not check out our new community hashtag page. It’s a page designed to showcase the hashtags we use in the Toy Photographers community and we want you to join in!

So why not take a look at the page, pick a hashtag and play!

Maybe you will get inspired to build a robot for #mechanoidmonday. Maybe you love playing with your toy dinosaurs and want to join in with #toydinotuesday, or maybe you just want to come up with a toy themed pun for your pictures on #toydayispunday (one for all you Dad-jokers out there!)

You can share your photos on G+ or Instagram (or whichever other social media service you like!) Don’t forget to also add #toy_photographers to your post! This helps us to find your wonderful photos.

If you haven’t yet visited our G+ community, now is a great time to dive in! It’s a very friendly place to share your work, and we’d love to see you over there. If you get stuck using it at all, just ask one of our wonderful mods who are always happy to help.

– Lizzi
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