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Please join us in our G+ Community of Toy Photographers. Here you will find plenty of help with the G+ Platform, you can read about tips and tricks shared by other toy photographers and you can ask for feedback about your own toy photographs.

You will also be able to join our monthly photo challenges where you will have your chance at fame and glory. The winning photo of each months contest will grace our community banner and the best of the months entries will be featured on the blog.

There are always friendly community moderators on hand to help you. They can answer questions about toys, photography, camera gear and how to best use the platform.

We hope to see you there!

Julie Blair

I’m an accidental toy photographer. I started out taking photos of Lego minifigures in unsuspecting patches of moss in Southern California. Then I stumbled upon an amazing community of photographers who were doing the same thing. Okay, maybe you weren’t doing it while trespassing in your neighbor’s garden, but you were photographing toys.

While my star, Larry the stormtrooper, has a bold sense of humor, you can often catch him pondering deep thoughts or frolicking with a bunch of his mischievous friends. I hope you enjoy our adventures. May the brick force be with all of us. You can find me on G+ and Instagram.


I’m Ryan, a software geek for a paycheck, a nature photographer for sanity, and I also collect LEGO minifigs. I puttered with toy photography a few years ago, drifted away from it, then found myself dabbling at it again, especially when the weather of yet another nasty, New England winter combined with a health issue to keep me at home far more than my creative needs could stand. I realized the toys I was “collecting” [read: gathering in a box] were right there, waiting on me to pay attention. They are all just tiny, quirky characters, each with a story to tell, and I’m the guy they are counting on to make that happen.  

I’ve since come to enjoy shooting toys more and more; no longer just a means to keep me creative, it’s become just as much a passion as photographing wildlife or moonrises or autumn foliage. And discovering the Toy Photographer community on G+ has been huge! I have been educated, inspired, encouraged… and, most importantly to me, amused beyond all expectations.

You can find me on G+ and Instagram

Tomasz Lasek

I’m a Lone Punman, crossing the borderlands between the words and the images. I shoot first and think later.

You can find me on G+ and Instagram.