Alabaster Procrastinator

A Six Image Narrative of stalling and deferring, in white.

Six Image Narrative

Six Image Narrative

Six Image Narrative

Six Image Narrative

Six Image Narrative

Six Image Narrative

The noun alabaster can mean the quality or state of the achromatic colour of greatest lightness, bearing the least resemblance to black.

The verb procrastinate is from the Latin prōcrāstināre, from prō- “forward” plus crāstinus “belonging to tomorrow”.

Returning to work after a month of vacation, I’ll forward anything I can to tomorrow, even if it means wearing white!

– Brett

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  1. Ha! I own an Alabaster mine. We quarry some of the best Alabaster in the world from it. It’s a gem quality gypsum that is perfect for sculpting as it is soft enough for beginners and hard enough to hold detail for the most advanced.

    And yes, its always hard to get back into the groove of work… Great shots Brett!

    • brett_wilson

      Thanks Shelly! The transition from vacation (holiday) to work has been relatively gentle. A four day week with a public holiday on Friday makes it’s a little easier to ease back into it! 😀

  2. I like the whiteness of it all (as with the others who have commented) too! Nice and clean are my preferences. I’m enjoying the long weekend too – chilling by Brighton beach at the moment.

    Have a good break to mark the end of your first month back at work Brett!

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