Sign-up Time!

Yes, its time. It’s sign-up time for the 2018 Toy Photographers meet-up. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I will be hosting my fourth annual toy photographers meet-up Memorial Day weekend. If you would like to join me, now is the time to officially sign-up.

The Overview

For two full days and two half days I will be leading excursion to various parts of this picturesque part of the West Coast. We will be visiting Astoria (home of The Goonies), Ecola State ParkCrescent Beach, Cannon Beach, Hug Point State Park and Oswald West State Park / Arch Cape. We will be walking sandy beaches and exploring old growth forests. The Pacific Ocean will beckon. And if the weather cooperates, the sunsets will be mind blowing.

I’ve listened to the comments from past participants and I’m making two big changes for this year: less driving for the entire weekend and a true meet and greet on Friday night. In fact the entire weekend will be designed for maximum, relaxing, toy photography fun.

The Details

On Friday night I will host a pot luck dinner at my place. Bring your toys, a dish to share and be prepared to make some friends. This will be a chance to hangout, meet new toy photographers (or reconnect with old friends), swap stories and start planning our magical weekend together.

The next two days will be spent hanging out on beaches and in old growth forests along a 50 mile stretch of the Oregon coastline. There will be no big drives, simply lots of time to hang out and photograph toys with friends. On Monday we will have a morning adventure in Astoria and continue to play as long as we can. As past participants know, four days is never enough!

  • Dates: May 25th-28th, 2018
  • Cost: $45
  • Registration fee is fully refundable until April 20th
  • All ability levels, camera styles and toy genres are welcome!
Special Krashes-Kustom created for this years meet-up. Image by Brett WIlson
  • Participation in the White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • Participation in the Photo Exchange
  • Photo contests on all four days with prizes
  • You will receive a custom mini figure created by Krash_Override to commemorate the weekend
  • A limited edition Toy Photographers t-shirt designed by ZekeZachZoom.

Sound fun?

Does this sound fun? If it does then it is definitely sign-up time! You will also need to start researching your accommodations. Please don’t wait! This is high season for this area and the best rentals will go quickly. If you can reserve housing near Hug Point you will probably be in walking distance of my rental house. Bonus!

This event is open to all toy photographers and their families. All ability levels and camera types are welcome. Even if you’re not a paid registrant you’re welcome to attend. Don’t worry, you will still have access to all the fun and camaraderie that make these events so much fun!

If you need any more incentive about how much fun you will have check out these posts from past events in Las Vegas, Seattle and San Francisco. This year is shaping up to be even more amazing; you wont want to miss out!

Don’t delay, register here.


We’re working on similar events in other parts of the country and world. So if you cant make this one, we will hopefully see you at one of our sponsored events later in the year. 

A big thank you to Mrs Playwell who is my eyes and feet on the ground in Portland. She sent me this article that you may want to check out. It highlights many of the places we will be visiting. 

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  1. Thanks for organizing this Shelly.

    Will there be a community or forum or some sort of communication mechanism whereby we can discuss specific details, car pools, possible sharing house rentals etc. with other participants?

    • Dave, yes we should. I thought long and hard on whether I should go with G+ of FB. Neither is ideal – I hate FB and there aren’t as many people on G+. Once I have an initial list of people signed up I will open up a platform to facilitate the activities you mention. Any preferences?

  2. brett_wilson

    Friends, road trips, toy photography, new friends, Vegemite sandwiches, new beaches, more friends, forests and now The Goonies! This just keeps getting better and better!
    I really wish I had the words to describe how excited I am about this. But I do not. Words are not enough.

  3. Leila @brickandmordor

    Woohoo!!!!!!! Can we add Arcadia Beach to this?? Awesome sea stacks and rocks, small beach with parking and restroom nearby.

    Is there a way to see a running list of folks who are attending?

    • Leila, we can do whatever you want. We are all going to be in basically the same are and the beaches all look grand! I’ve adjusted the response sheet so you can see what others have said. Once you have registered I will invite you into a private G+ Community with the other attendees. Will this be acceptable?

    • Jenelle (Mrs.Playwell)

      I thought you and Cindy might have some good input on this as well. I know how much you two love the coast! I will be doing some scouting trips this spring. Let’s plan one together!

  4. Lizzi

    I am so very sad that I won’t be able to make this. I have so many other commitments holiday wise this year already and this particular weekend I’m already supposed to be in Somerset for a Kendo grading. :s

    I will be keeping my eyes glued to Instagram for photos though and wish everyone the best of times! 🙂

    P.S. For anyone in Europe who can’t make the USA, there is also the Stuck in Plastic toy safari in Paris in June. A very friendly bunch of people, including myself, will be there!

    • Lizzi Im sorry you wont be able to make it. I hope that someday our paths will cross and we can photograph our toys together. I knew in advance that placing this event so close to the June Paris meet-up would be problematic. But I had to make some very hard choices! I hope that anyone in Europe who cant make the one in the States (for obvious reasons of distance and cost) will consider the SiP event. Julien will be an amazing host and I know it will be a fabulous weekend! Hopefully someday I will make it back to Europe for one of these events! 🙂

    • Karine, you will have an excellent time at the Paris safari! Julien is an excellent host and a veteran of several toy photographer meet-ups. I know you will all have a fabulous time! I will be looking through the hashtag to see what fun you’re having in June!

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