The Star Wars fleet is full of interesting and original ship designs that travel through interstellar space of the galaxy far, far away. One of them is the T-6 1974, named T-6 Jedi Shuttle due to its frequent use by Jedi.

Rotating wings/engine parts [depending on your preferences] makes this machine very flexible when landing on various landing pads and stations.

This ship appeared mainly in the Clone Wars series, briefly [but what a glimpse it was!] in Rebels and, of course, most recently, with a significant refresh, in the Ahsoka series.

LEGO also decided to refresh this model [the first version was created in 2011] by taking the set 75362 out of the hangar with the crew from the series starring Rosario Dawson. With the price 74,99€/$79.99/$109.99 (AUS) and the number of parts 601 the set is at the bottom of the pack of the recent three sets from the Ahsoka series. The other two are larger and, of course, more expensive.

A LEGO 75362 T-6 shuttle model flying towards setting sun


601 parts may not sound very impressive, but the designers managed to get quite a lot out of it. Despite its unimpressive size, the set looks quite good, even in terms of details, especially in the engine and ridge part. There are four stickers and they fulfill their role properly, enriching the details. The silhouette of the vehicle is very pleasing to the eye, especially with the wings in a vertical position, although I guess displaying the model in this configuration may, nomen omen, pose some problems. The arrangement of light gray and dark red colors makes the model look dynamic and light.

LEGO 75362 set - Jedi T-6 shuttle flying in vertical position, view from behind.

However, it’s better not to look on the other side of the wings, because there’s not much going on there.

A Huyang minifigure looking at underside of 75362 T-6 Jedi shuttle wing.
Move along, nothing to see here…
A Huyang and Sabine Wren LEGO minifigures playing on rotating T-6 shuttle's wings like on teeter.

This is, of course, a small quibble, but on the other hand, it’s difficult to expect any other solution. Enclosing both sides of the wings would make them too thick, which, given the scale of the model, would have a negative impact on its appearance and functionality. Not to mention the price.
Let’s reserve this solution for a potential UCS version, made by Pixel-Dan, which could look like this.

Scale is the keyword here because:

The scale of the model means that, unfortunately, the interior of the vehicle is pretextual actually. Even though this main part is quite nice to build, including using the SNOT technique, there is only enough space inside, after lifting the covers of both sides of the ship, for the Minifigures accessories. But I can live with that. However, I really miss the two-seater cabin on this ship [say goodbye to the “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” shots!]

A close-up on the cockpit of LEGO 75362 set - Jedi T-6 shuttle with Huyang minifigure inside.
Alone in the dark

But again, I will repeat this word like a mantra: scale. Enlarging the cockpit would make the model a bit grotesque or, like progenitor number 7931, consist almost mainly of a cockpit.

So we have probably established that in the set 75362, in terms of interior toy photography, the ship plays mainly a representative role. And it looks very respectable, especially in the air. It was not without reason that I mentioned the scene from Rebels at the beginning, because although I had seen this ship many times in Clone Wars, it caught my attention with its beautiful passing in Rebels. This scene very nicely connects the finale of Rebels with the beginning of Ahsoka, where it is repeated. So let’s fly!


I sincerely hope that I don’t have to convince anyone how nice this set looks “in flight”. And regardless of whether it is photographed in the skies or in space, it simply encourages you to play with camera angles and lighting. Seriously, the time spent with this model flies by at faster-than-light speeds.

LEGO 75362 set - Jedi T-6 shuttle flying in vertical position through space.

Of course, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t try to re-create this iconic scene from Rebels, although of course, the setting is on Earth, not Lothal.

LEGO 75362 set - Jedi T-6 shuttle flying in vertical position, view from behind.


But let’s be honest, the minifigures, although made of plastic, are the largest magnet in this set.
We have three main protagonists here: Ahsoka, Sabine Wren, both in refreshed versions, Huyang, and last but not least, the inquisitor Marrok lurking in the darkness.

LEGO minifigures: Ahsoka Tano, Huyang and Sabine Wren walking towards viewer, with T-6 shuttle in the background.

All figures are richly printed and look great. Ahsoka and Sabine, for playing reasons, have double expressions: slightly smiling and contorted in anger, Huyang has his robotic impassive sensory expression and Marrok… well, poor Marrok has just a black, unprinted head under his helmet.

Huyang deserves special attention; The head mold of this robot and the details of the prints make it impossible to take your eyes [and lens] away from this figure.

A LEGO Huyang minifigure holding a lightsaber hilt.
While there’s no interior in this set, one must improvise with the “interior” background by placing the model vertically, based on the engines.
A LEGO minifigures of Huyang and Ahsoka Tano having conversation.


You can’t remove the lens from any of the figures in this set. Of course, you can start photographing them by re-creating scenes from the series, especially since it is full of impressive scenes, but it certainly won’t end there.

A LEGO minifigure of Sabine Wren in helmet, holding two guns.
A LEGO minifigures of Huyang and Sabine Wren having conversation.
Which one am I holding properly?
A LEGO minifigure of Sabine Wren holding a lightsaber hilt.
This way.
A LEGO minifigure of Sabine Wren holding a lightsaber.
A LEGO minifigure of Ahsoka Tano fighting with Marrok.


So, does the T-6 Jedi Shuttle deliver?

Yes and no.

75362 has great figures that really carry the set.

The ship itself, although it looks very good in the photos, leaves something to be desired – there’s room for only one Minifigure in the cockpit, which is a bit disappointing, and the underside of the wings, lacking any details, is definitely a poor design choice. And the size of the set is rather weak in relation to the price.

However, if you are a die-hard fan of either the characters or the series, it’s worth it, if only for the figures themselves.

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