If you want a literal action-packed LEGO set look no further than the Sonic Speed Sphere Challenge. This LEGO set is set up for kids or adults to play with by launching LEGO Sonic through the set to defeat the Badnik, keep Flicky safe, get the Chaos Crystal and collect rings along the way. After you help Sonic accomplish his mission the LEGO set also offers a spot for Sonic to relax with a chili dog, soda and DJ some fresh tunes. In true LEGO form, this set offers something for both toy photographers and kids. Let’s dive in!

The LEGO Minifigures

The Sonic the Hedgehog mini figure is great for photos (prepare for speed battle photos with The Flash and Quicksilver in the future) and it has exceeded my exceptions in terms of the print. Nice and clean. 

Flicky the Bluebird is a very tiny minifigure that was included. Flicky was introduced to the Sonic series in the original Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991 as a minor character.

The big baddie in Sonic (as the kids like to call them) Eggman kidnaps little animals like Flicky and uses them as living batteries for his army of robots. These robots are called “Badniks” and they can look like other animals, plants, or whatever was included in this LEGO set.

The LEGO Set

This LEGO set comes with three different potions. The DJ table, umbrella/lawn chair, and the speed course.

The DJ Mixing table was one of my favorite parts that also comes with vinyl, and speakers all nestled under a palm tree. I will be using this DJ setup for some future photos and it is a great addition to my toy photography props.

The set also comes with a spot for Sonic to relax with a chili dog and soda in a lawn chair with umbrella to keep those pesky UV rays out of his eyes.

LEGO Set Play ability – The Speed Course

This set comes with a “speed sphere” that allows people to launch Sonic through the set, collect the rings, and get the Chaos Crystal. The action portion of this is great for an adult since I hit it hard enough to launch off the ramp and through the set with ease. With the kids, it took a bit longer to get the proper amount of force to launch Sonic off of the ramp and through the set, but that is half the fun. Overall, the kids love the set to play with and it is excellent how you can combine multiple Sonic LEGO sets to create a larger LEGO Sonic world.

Everyone was a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge except Leo the dog. He was not allowed to chase Sonic as he flew through the living room and was kinda bummed out. Don’t worry about Leo through since he has more toys than me and you combined. Stay tuned for my next LEGO review of the Tails Workshop and Tornado plan which has a lot of toy photography potential.